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    “We couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with Two Sisters College Consulting.  Liz and Nancy’s professionalism and expertise were invaluable.  They took the stress out of the college application process. 

     Starting in my daughter’s junior year, they led her in the right direction from the very beginning with the college selection process.  Providing my daughter with the tools she needed to select the best colleges to fit her academically and socially.  They followed up regularly to ensure she was on target for each deadline and offered tips on college fairs, visits, demonstrated interest, etc. 

     Nancy took the time to get to know my daughter and guide her through writing her college essay.  She was able open her up in her writing in ways I wouldn’t think was possible.  Having an objective sounding board was key.  Liz was always available to answer any question, big or small, and made us feel so comfortable and confident.  By early fall of senior year, essays were complete and all applications were submitted via the common application.  Now my daughter is able to enjoy the remainder of her senior year and focus on her academics.

     My daughter has been accepted to 7 out of 7 schools we heard from so far including her first choice, University of Delaware, which we are thrilled about.  We are still waiting to hear from the remaining 4 but feel strongly they will all be acceptances thanks to Liz and Nancy!"

- Lori, parent

Long Island, NY

Liz and Nancy were of tremendous help throughout my entire college process. From the spring of my junior year to the moment all of my applications were submitted, I have always had two reliable sources of information and advice. Their help took all the stress of applying to college out of the picture, saving a lot of confusion and chaos within my household.  I am so grateful to have been able to work with Liz and Nancy and now I'll be attending my dream school in the fall!

- Samantha G., student (University of Michigan) 

Syosset, New York

When I first applied to colleges as a senior, I was very misguided.  I have always had strong grades and good scores on my standardized tests and was very accomplished in my extracurriculars. Despite having a great resume, I got rejected from almost every school I applied to and did not get into a college that I wanted to go to until May, when I got off a wait list. When I decided to transfer from that school, I knew I needed to do things differently if I wanted to get into a top tier school.  After reflection on my past application experience, I recognized the problems that I had the first time around but I didn't know exactly how to fix them.  That's where Nancy and Liz came in. One aspect of my application that needed improvement was my writing.  Not only did Nancy help me brainstorm ideas for the countless essays I had to write, but she was always around if I had questions or needed to make last minute edits.  With Liz's help, I learned how to make personal connections to the schools that I applied to in order to stand out in an incredibly competitive applicant pool. Now, I have been accepted to the school I applied to early decision last year and could not be happier.  With my very busy college schedule, I knew that I would need a little extra help in order to perfect my applications. Nancy and Liz not only provided this guidance but surprised all of my expectations in terms of reliability and receptiveness.  I am so thankful to both of them for helping me to get into my dream school!i  

– Jordyn G., college transfer student (Brown University)

Syosset , New York

Words can not describe how much Liz and Nancy have both helped in the college process.  From helping me with my essays, giving specific advice, and always being her for me, I couldn't have asked for better college advisers. There were many times when I called Liz worrying and panicking and she was always willing to answer and help-regardless of the size of the task.  The most important aspect was that we always gave myself the best opportunity to get into college. We always put careful review and meaning into every email, letter, and response- it made me feel that I had no regrets. As you can see, every senior needs a Liz and Nancy to give them the best opportunity to get into their favorite college.  I couldn't be happier on where I ended up. Thank you!!! 

Alex, student (University of Maryland)

Jericho, New York

"My daughter Rebecca had the good fortune to work with Nancy Goldman on her college essay. Nancy’s suggestions made my daughter’s essay more succinct and focused. Rebecca was willing to listen to suggestions from Nancy in a way she wouldn’t hear them from me. Working with Nancy relieved some of the stress that my daughter and I were experiencing throughout this process. Using Nancy Goldman to work with your college bound student is a must.”
– Laura , parent, (SUNY Oneonta/FIT)

Long Island, New York 


I am so happy we worked with Liz and Nancy on my daughter’s college applications.  Let me rephrase that, I am thrilled that my daughter worked with Liz and Nancy.  As background, we are educated and thought we would have no issues navigating the college application process.  We decided we would go it alone and then the stress of the deadlines started to creep up on us and the arguments began.


Liz and Nancy kept my daughter on task.  Together they set expectations and our daughter met the promised deliverables to them that she would have procrastinated if I was reminding her she needed to do it.  Liz and Nancy managed the process and before we knew it the common application and her essay were complete.  Then they addressed the applications that were school specific and they were complete by the middle of October in my daughter’s senior year – earlier than any of her classmates.  The application process doesn’t end there – with supplemental information requests they were always available to assist us.  Working with Liz and Nancy really took the stress and pressure off our shoulders and got our daughter vested in the process.  


End result – my daughter is 10 for 10 on admissions for applications with 4 pending as I write this (she applied to too many schools – our fault – not Liz’s) .  We could not be happier and I can’t sing their praises enough and recommend speaking with them regardless of how much you think you know about the process. 

Scott, parent (Binghamton University (SUNY))

Merrick, New York

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